Warning: Choosing your wedding party can be more stressful than you might anticipate

Everyone has an opinion about who should be in it, but when it comes down to it you get to make the final decision.

Wedding parties should be full of people that love and support you and your marriage (negative Nancy needs not apply). As a rule of thumb, many people keep their wedding parties to their immediate family and very bestest of best friends. This means that you may have to leave some friends out of your wedding party, but let them know that it isn’t because they are not near and dear to you, it is more the fact that there is a limited amount of room. (Plus they don’t have to wear matching attire and only have to worry about having fun at the wedding…there isn’t a real downside to this!)

Many ceremony locations are now limiting the number of people you can have in your wedding party (I have seen this mostly in church ceremonies thus far). So when your mom approaches you and asks for your second cousin to be in your wedding party, kindly turn to her and say that you would love for him/her to, but there just is not enough room. The balancing act between the number of groomsmen and bridesmaid is also another challenge you will most likely face. Ideally you would like to have the same amount of both so that your pictures are balanced and so that no one is stuck walking down the aisle alone (“1” really is the loneliest number when everyone else is coupled up). This means that you and your future spouse need to sit down and really give this some thought as to who you each would like to include. Choosing your wedding party can be extremely stressful for couples, so be sure to bring your patience, calmness, understanding and negotiating skills to the table.

If there are certain people that you would have loved to have had in your wedding party, but just couldn’t fit in, you can always honor them in a special manner at your wedding. Some ideas include: giving women matching accessories to that of the wedding party, giving women matching flowers to wear in their hair, asking them to help you get ready before your wedding and including everyone in your bachelor and bachelorette parties. Just because they won’t be standing next to you at the altar, doesn’t mean that they can’t partake in all of the pre-wedding festivities!

And well if you decide to elope, you are off the hook with this!


Letting Your Bridesmaids Show Their Style

Bridesmaids complaining about dresses? Begging you to allow them to do something different from everyone else?

Why not let them bring some of their own unique style into your wedding (while still maintaining some control, of course!)

Obviously, when you’re bridesmaids bring in their own style into your wedding, some order and reason need to be maintained, but asking (uh, um…or should I say allowing) your bridesmaids to express themselves can be a fun way to show a little gratitude and can add a little extra spice to your wedding. Here are some examples of ways to “accessorize” your wedding via your bridesmaids!

  • Gifting each of your bridesmaids their own, different, cocktail ring can add some flair to their outfit, and will be something special between you and each of your bridesmaids to commemorate your special day;
  • Wearing different colored shoes is a very fun way of “mismatching” your bridesmaids to set them apart from one another, this same idea can be used for cardigans, umbrellas, hats or hairpieces, and purses!
  • Or, if you’re planning a barefoot beach wedding, different colored nail polish is great after treating your bridesmaids to a mani/pedi at the spa…we highly recommend this option (both the barefoot beach wedding and mani/pedi! :)
  • Earrings are another piece of jewelry that would make a nice gift from the bride to the bridesmaids, and could be serve as another way to individualize your bridesmaids during the celebration (assuming they are all doing their hair so the earrings can be seen that is!);
  • Different Necklaces on each bridesmaid can serve as a statement piece of jewelry for each of them, and really set each bridesmaid apart from the other;
  • Differing shades of the same item is also a fun option. For example if each bridesmaid were to wear a different shade of the same bridesmaid dress within the same color palate, this could add a beautiful look to the ceremony (we envision the dresses as being darker shades for the outermost bridesmaids and gradually getting lighter as they approach the bride – just a thought!).
All in all, there are so many options available to brides these days, with the bending or breaking of some of the more traditional wedding rules, make your wedding all your own! And be sure to listen to feedback from bridesmaids…they’re your bridesmaids for a reason after all!


Hawaiian Love Phrases

When planning a Hawaiian wedding, many couples often search for ways to include some local flair into their wedding. With that in mind, we have put together a list of Hawaiian Love Phrases for all of you happy couples planning your wedding in Hawaii…

- Aloha Kaua ~ May there be love between us (said to one person)

- Aloha No Au la ‘Oe ~ I truly love you

- E Hoomau Maua Kealoha ~ May our love last forever

- Hele Mai ‘Oe I Ko Maua Male ‘Ana ~ Come to our wedding

- Nau ko’u aloha ~ My love is yours

- No Kau a Kau ~ For eternity

- No Keia La, No Keia Po, A Mau Loa ~ From this day, from this night, forever more

Happy Planning!