Wedding Planning (Hawaiian Style)

So you have decided to have a destination wedding in Hawaii…Congratulations!

You now get to start the incredibly fun process of wedding planning. Depending on your personality and project management skills you might decide that a hotel “package” wedding is for you, or if you tend to be more of the DIY type of gal you will probably decide to undertake the planning on your own. No matter what type of wedding you are planning on having, Hawaii Wedding Match can help.

Hawaii Wedding Match is a website that connects couples planning their romantic Hawaiian wedding with local wedding vendors. Not only do we connect you, but we go far beyond that and actually help you narrow down wedding vendors to those that fit into your specific budget. With a couple clicks of a button you can seamlessly scroll through wedding vendors that fit YOUR needs. This online service is completely free to use! Once you register you are then provided a profile, and here you can share planning updates, connect with vendors, share engagement images and get advice.

We know that when most things sound too good to be true they usually are, but not with Hawaii Wedding Match! My husband and I actually built this website around our wedding planning experience in Hawaii (we have been married 6 months now) and we know the exact challenges you will be facing. We created Hawaii Wedding Match to meet the precise and unique needs of couples. Try Hawaii Wedding Match out today!

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Happy Planning!


The Wedding Coordinator Expense – Necessary?

Destination weddings are fun and memorable, but planning for them can be a little stressful if you are trying to personalize your wedding while saving money. Of course, you can always pay a premium price for everything you want, but here at Hawaii Wedding Match we believe that couples shouldn’t have to go broke to have their dream wedding.

Hawaii Wedding Match was conceived by a couple that knew there had to be an easier way to plan their wedding in Hawaii. In the spirit of helping future brides and local wedding vendors, Hawaii Wedding Match was born and now makes finding vendors on your own simple! As a bride (or groom) all you have to do is sign-up for a free Hawaii Wedding Match account and you will be automatically directed to a page in which you can enter the types of vendors you are in need of and your budget, you are then presented with a list of vendors that meet your specific needs! It is really that easy! No more Googling wedding vendors, searching through The Knot’s overwhelming database or basing your decisions on other people’s experiences (your cousin’s best friend might have a different vendor standard than yourself). You can now narrow down your vendor interview process to the vendors that are already guaranteed to be on the island your wedding is and that work within your budget.

We know that many brides are strapped for cash, and with a little resource help we can streamline your entire planning process. Don’t believe us? Give it a shot and try Hawaii Wedding Match today (it is a completely free service for couples and will always be)!

Happy Planning!