Perfect Beach Wedding Locations

Hawaii beachSo you have made the decision to tie the knot somewhere tropical and on a pristine beach (we think you have made a great decision!) but have not set your sights on an official location. To help you find the perfect location and possibly tip the odds in Hawaii’s favor check out this list from National Geographic on the Top 10 Beaches of the World. Hawaii makes it on this list not once, but twice!


Planning a wedding is tough work and there is no need to make it any more frustrating than it inherently is already. Hawaii Wedding Match takes the benefits of social media and applies these benefits to your wedding vendor search. We will help match you with local wedding vendors that meet your location, budget and style requirements through our unique “Get Matched” function. You no longer need to find lists of wedding vendors and call each one, now you can save time and energy by contacting only the vendors that meet your specific wedding criteria and budget. Start planning your wedding in Hawaii TODAY!

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