Set a Wedding Budget…And Stick to It!

We all know how difficult it can be to not only create a reasonable wedding budget for our wedding day, but once the budget is set, it can be even more difficult to stick to it. There is a lot of pressure these days for couples to throw an over-the-top, extravagant, wedding that may or may not be within their budget to impress friends, relatives, or to simply try and satisfy other parties’ expectations.

This “keeping up with the Jones’” mentality will only hurt the wedding couple in the long run by pushing them into debt to begin their marriage; which is the last thing newlyweds need during a time that should be full of only happiness. For example, statistics show that the average couple spent $12,905 on their reception venue in 2012 (source: SAP, Uncovering Insights from the New Social Media Wedding). For many couples, the cost of a large, extravagant, wedding proves to be an exorbitant amount. One way to stick to a wedding budget is to opt for a small destination wedding (we’re a little partial to this idea, especially if the destination is Hawaii!). Limiting the wedding attendees to a smaller group of friends and family not only helps the couple to reduce costs on the reception venue, catering, flowers, etc., but it can also help the bride and groom to be more relaxed during their special day because they do not have as many guests to fret about.

Our advice to all wedding couples is to set a reasonable budget, one that you can stick to, and DO NOT go over that amount, maybe even try to spend less than that amount and use that extra to put into your savings to start out your married life “in the black” rather than in debt.

Make your wedding day as relaxing and stress-free as possible – and if you opt to do this with a destination wedding, may we suggest a certain island chain in the middle of the Pacific ;)

Happy Planning!



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